Real Wireless Power™

Truly wireless (and charge-pad-less) power changes the paradigm of product innovation.

What can you innovate if you no longer need to consider how long your product will hold a charge or how to design around a clunky battery?

  • Cota® Real wireless power can transform
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive

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What can Cota Real Wireless Power do for you?

Get A
Competitive Advantage

It will be like inventing a laptop computer while everyone else is connected to desktops; like discovering WiFi while competitors are still tethered to the wall.

By being among the first to adopt a new standard in wireless power, you will be leaps ahead of competitors who are still attached to the wall or placing their phone on a charge pad.

Unlimit Your

Like a Science Fiction movie where batteries no longer require space and charging no longer requires time, Cota allows you to innovate your product, not its power source.

What will be possible for the next generation of your product if you no longer had to waste resources accommodating and structuring for power consumption needs?

Be An
Industry Trendsetter

Innovators who create a paradigm shift in their industries are those who break the mold, think outside the box and crash through glass ceilings.

By being the innovator who transforms your industry, your company will become the undisputed leader and you will find endless doors opening for your future.

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