Real wireless power:

The FUTURE OF the iot Product ecosystem

alt-01.pngWireless charging is saturating the consumer wireless industry as it offers a convenient alternative to the USB charging cord. Yet wireless charging has hit its low ceiling and can’t compare to the cross-market benefits of true wireless power.

Time to embrace real wireless power!

Real wireless power can be incorporated into public and private spaces, merged with existing devices, and designed as a part of complex industrial, retail, and automotive systems, and much more.

Download the SAR Insights Analyst Report to learn how Ossia® will transform the IoT Product Ecosystems by offering:

  • Secure, wireless power across rooms and through barrier objects
  • Dynamic tracking and data in real time to serve retail and industrial applications
  • Uninterrupted power to sensors, smart shopping carts, displays, and every IoT product
  • Sensors that can be placed anywhere

Transform the technologies inside your industry and become a part of the future of the IoT!