The future of POWER and Batteries

It’s easy to forget how many battery-operated devices are a part of our daily lives until we have to replace the batteries. Even a handful of AAs can be suprisingly expensive and leave most consumers clueless about how to safely dispose of the familiar canisters of chemicals.

Find a new path to power with the eco-conscious Cota® Forever Batteries!

Real wireless power will revolutionize battery operation by offering continuous charge and dramatically reducing the number of batteries that end up in a landfill. Download the 2-page PDF to learn how Cota® will transform power and batteries by:

  • Offering secure, wireless power to devices already designed for AA batteries
  • Keeping personal devices charged without cords or wireless charging mats
  • Removing design limitations imposed by the size and mass of a typical battery
  • Saving thousands of dollars spent on batteries each year

Keep your current devices on pace with industry innovations and stay ahead of the competition by harnessing real wireless power for your new technology!